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Micro Pump to Deliver Parkinson’s Treatment, with More in the Pipeline

Micro Pump to Deliver Parkinson’s Treatment, with More in the Pipeline
Image courtesy of Sensile Medical, a subsidiary of Gerresheimer
The wearable supports both a personally programmable basal profile and a bolus delivery.

Sensile Medical has custom developed a wearable micro pump for a Parkinson’s disease treatment from a European pharmaceutical company. Sensile Medical is a subsidiary of Gerresheimer, and the project is just one of many, which also includes a diabetes project with Sanofi and Verily.

The Parkinson’s treatment is the first commercial use of Sensile Medical’s micro pumps. The project utilized Sensile Medical’s patented SenseCore micro rotary piston pump, but the micro pump “is not a stock offering,” Jens Kuerten, Gerresheimer’s group senior director, communication & marketing, told MD+DI. “We do joint customizing together with a customer for each therapy.”

A vial is used for the drug’s primary container, and the micro pump employs an inbuilt pump mechanism through which “the liquid is pumped from the vial into the inbuilt tank,” Kuerten explained. Designed for precise drug delivery, the system supports a personally programmable basal profile that optimizes treatment for patients, and a patient can prompt the device to deliver a bolus at just one touch of a button. The product also features a color display, a charging unit, data storage, and a leather bag to be worn on the user’s belt.

“In developing the micro pump for Parkinson’s treatment, we have completed a highly ambitious project to exacting requirements that improves treatment for patients. The device also comes with a large number of different languages already on board, enabling its use in many countries around the world,” explained Derek Brandt, CEO of Sensile Medical AG, in a news release.

Before launch, the pharma company sought the CE declaration of conformity for medical devices. “The CE declaration of conformity and market launch for the first micro pump, in this case for Parkinson’s treatment, marks a key milestone for our subsidiary Sensile Medical,” explained Andreas Schütte, member of the management board of Gerresheimer AG, in the release. “The deservedly strict approval standards for patient-critical delivery systems of this kind are now satisfied and market launch can begin. We are correspondingly optimistic regarding further application areas for Sensile Medical’s micro pump technology.”

The micro pump for the Parkinson’s treatment is just one of five customer projects. “Another project is a joint collaboration with Sanofi and Verily regarding diabetes,” added Kuerten.

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