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Manufacturing Systems Today: Dispensing and CuringManufacturing Systems Today: Dispensing and Curing

Bob Michaels

July 10, 2012

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Manufacturing Systems Today: Dispensing and Curing

Tabletop dispensing robots
A line of automated tabletop and in-line dispensing robots from Nordson EFD is designed to precisely apply adhesives, lubricants, and other fluids used in medical device assembly processes. The robot systems are easy to program and can be set up quickly. Three- and four-dimensional motion control facilitates programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs, and patterns on different planes, enabling medical device manufacturers to handle complex applications requiring precision dispensing and placement with good process control and high yields. Compatible with EFD-brand syringe barrels and dispense valves, the dispensing systems have platforms ranging in size from 200 × 200 mm up to 500 × 500 mm. They are suitable for batch processing and for critical dispensing applications.
Nordson EFD

Benchtop adhesive dispenser
The AC200 benchtop adhesive dispenser employs dual-barrel cartridges to dispense adhesives with precision. Available from Ashby Cross Co. as an alternative to handheld systems, the 12 × 12-in. system features a pneumatic dispensing gun that is operated by a foot pedal. Several versions of the dispenser are offered to suit the user's repeatability requirements. Manual, timed, or digitally controlled electronic encoders provide accurate, repeatable shot control. Systems can be supplied to suit dual-barrel adhesive cartridges of any size and ratio. The dispenser is designed for use in applications requiring accurate shot sizes in low-volume processing operations.
Ashby Cross Co.

LED spot-curing system
The Lesco Cool Cure 365 LED UVA high-intensity spot-curing system provides cool cures and constant ultraviolet-light intensity over thousands of hours of operation. Because this system from the Lesco UV division of American Ultraviolet West generates curing energy by means of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a useful life above 15,000 hours, it requires no warm-up and eliminates the bother of regular bulb changes. At peak output of 367 nm, it emits light output through a 5-mm-diam standard light guide at an intensity that tops out at more than 18 W/cm²; users can adjust output intensity by 10 to 100%. The narrow frequency band produced by LEDs results in cooler curing temperatures than arc lamp systems generate. Offered as a direct replacement for existing spot-curing systems using arc lamp technology, this foot-switch-activated system can be employed to cure a variety of coatings and to effect adhesive bonding of polycarbonate, PVC, PET, metal, glass, and many other substrates.
American Ultraviolet West/Lesco UV Div.

Dispensing and metering system
The PDS-100 Smooth-flo valveless dispensing and metering system from Fluid Metering Inc. uses precisely synchronized dual ceramic piston pumps to provide continuous, pulse-free fluid delivery down to 15 µl/min. Suited for diagnostic test strip manufacturing, continuous-bead adhesive dispensing, solvent welding for disposable medical component assembly, sample feeding to analytical instrumentation, and other applications, the system features intuitive, menu-driven programming by means of front-panel membrane switches and a large liquid-crystal display. It interfaces easily with such standard electronic process control inputs as RS-485, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V dc, and 0-10 V dc. The system's pump heads are integrally mounted to the control unit, which comprises stepper motors, drivers, and programmable electronics, all housed in an anodized-aluminum enclosure suitable for wall mounting or benchtop installation in a laboratory or production area. Tubing, fittings, and configuration instructions are included in the package.
Fluid Metering Inc.

UV spot-curing system
Lumen_Omnicure_S2000_Guides.jpgThe intelligent OmniCure S2000 ultraviolet-light (UV) spot-curing system from Lumen Dynamics is designed to offer high levels of precision and repeatability in both automated and manual adhesive curing applications for medical device assembly. The system's proprietary closed-loop feedback technology enables medical device OEMs to design assembly processes that feature constant light output and thus provide consistent UV-curing results. A 200-W UV lamp offers output to 30 W/cm² and a guaranteed 2000-hour lifetime; the user can adjust light output in 1% increments for precision control. A second lamp option delivers a tack-free surface cure for acrylic adhesives. Other notable system features include rapid shutter activation to support high-volume production, special lamp cooling and monitoring technology, and downloadable custom multiphase cure profiles that make a permanently connected PC unnecessary. Control via an external PC may be employed to optimize automated assembly.
Lumen Dynamics Group Inc.

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