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Components Manufacturer Pumps It Up


Components Manufacturer Pumps It Up
Bob Michaels

Magnetically coupled (sealless) gear pumps are used in dialysis and in vitro diagnostic equipment.

From dialysis machines and in vitro diagnostic equipment to dosing applications such as IV systems and water-cooling mechanisms for medical laser applications, pumps and valves play a vital role in patient-care products. To capitalize on the medical industry's needs for these crucial components, Diener Precision Pumps LP (DPP; Lodi, CA) set up shop in 1994 and has been designing and manufacturing gear pumps, piston pumps, solenoid valves, and fluidic systems ever since.

"DPP was created specifically to address the needs of medical OEM companies for custom and standard pumps and valves," says Brian Box, the company's senior sales engineer. "We were created by leveraging the expertise of Diener Precision Machining (DPM) and applying it to the design and manufacture of pumps and valves for the medical OEM industry."

Switzerland-based DPM has been manufacturing bone screws, surgical tools, and medical and dental implants since 1954. In 1980, the company became directly involved in the design and manufacture of magnetically driven gear pumps and reciprocating piston pumps, establishing DPP as a separate entity in 1994 to focus on the design and development of precision pumps. DPP underwent its own expansion in 2001, investing in an R&D and prototype-manufacturing center in California to deliver custom prototypes and endurance and validation testing to OEM customers. Both the Swiss parent and its U.S. progeny are ISO 2001- and ISO 13485-certified companies.

At MD&M West, DPP will highlight an array of new products. Its offerings will include a 1500-ml/min silent gear pump with a brushless dc motor, a 1000-ml/min gear pump with a brushless dc motor, adjustable ceramic piston pumps for metering and dispensing applications, a media-separated solenoid valve, and a micro-media-separated solenoid valve for zero heat transfer to the fluid.
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