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Adhesives and Dispensers

Article-Adhesives and Dispensers

Adhesives and Dispensers

Dispensing robot

A series of robots are designed to improve productivity in medical device assembly processes that require repetitive deposits of adhesives, epoxies, sealants, solder pastes, and other fluids. In addition to precise dispensing capabilities, the robots feature closed-loop servo controls and drive motors. These components enable the units to dispense uniform dots, fill cavities and small containers with consistent volumes, and trace even lines over complicated part geometries. Offering a positioning accuracy of ±25 µm, the benchtop robots employ an x-y-z positioning platform, which saves space by eliminating the need for a separate computer or external dispenser controller. The robots are available with a work envelope of 325 or 525 mm². They are compatible with a range of syringe barrels, dispense valves, and dispense tips.
EFD Inc.
East Providence, RI

Rubber-based adhesive film

58258.tifDesigned for medical device OEMs and converters that need to laminate various materials together during device assembly, a film features a synthetic rubber-based adhesive. TM1039 film with MP555 adhesive provides high conformability for bonding fabrics, felts, foams, films, and other materials in applications where a reinforcing carrier membrane is not required. The film bonds to uneven or irregular surfaces as well as low-energy surfaces, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. It also features a two-side, release-treated kraft liner. The biocompatible film can also be used for skin-contact applications.
MACtac Medical Products
Stow, OH

Metering base

Designed to reduce scrap associated with traditional hot-melt equipment, a dispensing unit prevents too much adhesive from being deposited by metering the adhesive at the point of application. The Vector metering base features interchangeable components and a variety of output devices. In addition to slot, spiral, and bead application methods, the unit also offers a uniform fiber deposition (UFD) spray method; all methods ensure accuracy up to ±0.5%. UFD spray technology can be used to dispense an adhesive in an omega pattern. By metering at the point of application, OEMs can save as much as 50% of the adhesive material being deposited in both machine and cross-web directions. The product's metered pumps can be changed in less than five minutes. Applicator widths range from 100 to 600 mm.
ITW Dynatec
Hendersonville, TN

Hydrophilic porous PSAs

58253.tifA hydrophilic porous pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) can increase medical device functionality by rapidly transmitting fluids or gases while bonding filters and membranes. Used in such products as in vitro diagnostic devices, ARcare 92205 is suitable for coupling multiple layers of membranes or filters in lateral- and vertical-flow devices to increase reaction speed and accuracy. The adhesive transfer film's pores are uniformly distributed open cells that create a low-density, highly permeable structure. It is available in rolled-transfer or coated film formats on a range of substrates. Because it can be customized for specific applications, the film can also be used to facilitate uniform gas exchange through porous seals in microplates or ventilate seals in microfluidic devices. It can also enable the design of hybrid systems that combine ease-of-use of lateral-flow devices with the speed and sensitivity of vertical-flow devices.
Adhesives Research
Glen Rock, PA

Adhesive dispensers

Providing precise adhesive dispensing for medical device manufacturing applications, a family of dispense systems features integrated inspection capabilities. The Unity IC dispense systems have a vision detection system and a feedback system for automated process control. In addition to minimizing bead width variation and maintaining material mechanical properties, the automated process control capabilities increase material cartridge life and reduce adhesive waste. The systems can handle heated and ambient-temperature high-performance adhesive materials used to assemble medical equipment. Their three-axis robot configuration is contained in a small footprint and can be incorporated into existing production lines.
Nordson Corp.
Duluth, GA


Instant adhesives

58252.tifUSP Class VI adhesives offer one-part structural strength formulation that is designed to improve production and end use. Rite-Lok medical-grade instant adhesives can be used to assemble such devices as hearing aids, ventilators, syringes, and stethoscopes. Curing in less than 30 seconds, the adhesives bond plastics and rubbers, including PVC, ABS, EPDM, nylon, and composites of these materials. Having been tested for resistance to flexing, impact, humidity, and other performance characteristics, the adhesives are formulated to compensate for differential coefficients of thermal contraction and expansion. They are offered in a range of viscosities and volumes.
3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Div.
St. Paul, MN

Rapid bonding adhesive

A supplier of adhesives and light-curing systems offers a flexible adhesive for rapid bonding applications. Adhesive 1201-M-SC can be used on a variety of rigid and flexible plastics for manufacturing such products as reservoirs, tube sets, and catheters. Compliant with RoHS directives, the product is part of a series of medical device adhesives that have been biocompatibility tested in accordance with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards. The adhesive cures upon exposure to light but does not contain nonreactive solvents. Curing within seconds, the product can enable faster processing for increased output and decreased assembly costs. It is compatible with gamma and EtO sterilization methods.
Dymax Corp.
Torrington, CT

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