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Vektor Updates vMap Software for Cardiac Arrhythmia Mapping

Article-Vektor Updates vMap Software for Cardiac Arrhythmia Mapping

Image courtesy of Business Wire Vektor Medical vMap
The upgrades include Beat Assist, Upgraded Heart Model, and Automated ECG Baseline Correction.

Vektor Medical, the developer of the vMap AI-based system for mapping arrhythmias using a standard 12-lead ECG, has released a series of software enhancements to the non-invasive solution. The FDA-cleared system localizes arrhythmia sources for focal and fibrillation-type arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, to help physicians quickly and accurately locate source locations.

The software upgrades are Beat Assist, Upgraded Heart Model, and Automated ECG Baseline Correction, according to the company, and are designed to improve accuracy, visualization, and efficiency of arrhythmia analysis and interpretation.

Beat Assist is software that recommends and auto-selects arrhythmic beats of interest that may indicate the source location of an arrhythmia. “This new functionality reduces uncertainty and increases confidence when identifying arrhythmic beats, speeding up procedure planning process,” according to Vektor.

Upgraded Heart Model provides more detailed representation of the heart and improves visualization and understanding of spatial distribution of target lesion sites, which increases analysis accuracy and translation. The Automated ECG Baseline Correction sends a signal removing baseline noise from input ECG signals, improving accuracy, and providing higher-quality signals for analysis.

Vektor has also upgraded a series of workflow enhancements to simplify the analysis process, aid in pattern recognition and abnormality identification, and reduce the time it takes to map.

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