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Abbott Picks Up Key Approval for ICD Technology

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Abbott Picks Up Key Approval for ICD Technology
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay
The Abbott Park, IL-based company has won CE mark for the Gallant ICD and CRT-D devices.

Abbott Laboratories has won CE mark for the new Gallant implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) and CRT-D devices. The Abbott Park, Il-based company received approval in Europe on the heels of ICD Week, a celebration of 40 years of the technology.

The new Gallant system pairs with Abbott's secure myMerlinPulse mobile app to help streamline communication and increase engagement between doctors and their patients. For example, the app allows patients to engage more frequently with their healthcare team by providing access to transmission history and device performance, and the app can prompt patients to schedule their next appointment.

Through the myMerlinPulse app, physicians can monitor their patients remotely, allowing for identification of asymptomatic episodes as well as patient-triggered transmissions, which can lead to earlier intervention and reduce clinical burden.

Additional benefits include a patient preferred design, improved battery longevity and MRI compatibility.

“The positive impact of remote monitoring has been proven repeatedly and leads to better patient outcomes and reduced burden on the healthcare system," Avi Fischer, MD divisional VP and CMO for Abbott's Cardiac Rhythm Management business, said in a release. "Abbott's new Gallant system provides people the ability to connect to their doctor anytime, even while away from home, and reinforces our commitment to incorporate advanced technologies that will help improve engagement between patients, caregivers, and doctors.”

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