10 Finalists Announced For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (#3)


September 17, 2013

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10 Finalists Announced For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (#3)

Asensis seamlessly delivers medicine or supplements into a patient’s body. The key component of the Asensis ecosystem is an implanted miniature laboratory that resides within the patient’s wrist, where it is utilized to directly and continuously monitor patient nutrient levels using enzyme-coated sensors that react in the presence of specific molecules in the bloodstream. A wrist-worn, companion device interfaces with the sensor through proximity to pull information from the chip and process chemical levels, providing the wearer constant “snap-shot” of their status and create wearer-customized dosing. Finally, using an intelligent pump, drugs are delivered from a small phial through an intravenously implanted catheter, according to levels directed by the sensor in the wrist. Thus, once the device is calibrated for each patient, it can automatically deliver the necessary amount of chemical to return the patient to their ideal operating levels, much like an insulin pump.

For many people, medicinal compliance is the key to improved quality of life and decreased hospital visits, but the stigma surrounding drug dependence and the inability to perfectly remember when to take medications makes compliance embarrassing and difficult. The need for a device to deliver prescribed medication discreetly and consistently is felt by physicians and patients alike. Asensis solves this problem by delivering medicine in the most effective manner: discreetly, and, most importantly, at the right times of day. By avoiding the first-pass metabolism, which greatly reduces the concentration of drugs taken orally, less medication is required for every dose, resulting in more efficient drug usage and reductions in drug development and prescription costs. Intravenous injection reduces time spent waiting for the drug to reach systemic circulation, and ultimately relief. The subtlety and effortlessness of Asensis helps patients comply with their physician’s instructions perfectly.


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