Call for Papers

Call for Speakers Schedule

2019 BIOMEDevice Boston Call for Speakers

Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA

May 15-16, 2019

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 11, 2019, 11:59 PM EST


We now invite presenters to submit speaking proposals for the BIOMED Boston Conference, to be held May 15-16, 2019. Click here to go directly to the submission form, which also includes the details below.

BIOMEDevice is the only event in the Boston area that covers end-to-end solutions for medical device & manufacturing professionals. Some events may cover devices, but this is a one-stop shop for all manufacturing solutions, materials, technologies, and suppliers. UBM has joined forces with Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (Mass Medic), which is the leading association in the Boston / New England area. Boston is the largest consumer/producer of medical devices on the east coast. Mass Medic will host its annual meeting during the event at the Boston Convention Center.

This year, the conference will run for two days and feature content in the following 2 tracks:

Track A: Product Development

Discover product development best practices and new methods to speed innovation to market. Attendees will brush up on basics like design verification and validation as well as explore strategies for risk management, scale-up, and team/process management.

Audience: Product/project engineer, project manager, director of engineering (as well as other director-level titles), president, principal, chief executive officer (as well as other c-suite titles), design engineer.

Track B: Research & Development

Learn about current and next-generation technologies that can enhance your medical device. Topics covered could include robotics, AI, 3D printing, sensors, new materials, coatings, power solutions, and more.

Audience: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), head of R&D/R&D director, R&D engineer, engineering manager, design engineer, staff engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, biomedical engineer, product/project engineer, materials engineer, scientist.

Our goal is to deliver a unique educational experience for front-end product development engineers, and we encourage proposals from medical device professionals with deep technical and practical expertise, as well as practitioners who have developed strategies for reducing the time, cost, and complexity associated with designing, developing, and bringing medical devices to market.


New Technologies
New Materials
Product Development
Process Improvement
Medical Device Design


DIDACTIC PRESENTATION – 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes or 75 Minutes (includes time for Q&A)


• Do not include a vendor pitch or promotional material. Proposals that are sales pitches for a product/service or company, and/ or are narrow in scope to fit a vendor product/service will not be considered. In general, we look for industry speakers who are willing to share their knowledge to help innovation and engineering continue and grow.
• Feature content never seen before that will be created specifically for MD&M West such as use case examples or case studies.
• Reveal new ways of thinking about and applying principles and standards.
• Real-world examples that involve projects with a novel application of technology or illustrate a solution to a technical challenge in an end-product, including a detailed discussion of the trade-offs and choices made (and choices that would have been made differently in hindsight) during the design and development process.
• Include a demonstration to illustrate key technical principles.
• Engage the audience in a highly creative or interactive way.


Please fill out the submission form completely and submit no later than January 11, 2019, by 11:59 PM EST. Late submissions will not be accepted. If selected to speak, all presenters will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation in PDF form two weeks in advance of the event to ensure all guidelines are met.


• Double-check your email; this is our primary point of contact. And please be sure to include your cell phone number.
• Make sure your topic matches the intended audience of the track you select.
• Your submission work is automatically saved. You may start your proposal now and complete it any time before the deadline. You may even make edits after you submit it, up until the deadline.
• Please include a speaker bio so we can understand the background and expertise of your suggested presenter.