The Jeopardy champ can learn to make more personalized decisions for cancer patients. Have tourniquets turned the corner in their medical usefulness?

April 19, 2013

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This Week in Devices [4/19/2013]: The Most Useful Device Employed After the Boston Marathon Bombing

Dr. Mark Kris, Sloan Kettering Memorial
What Happens When Oncologists Teach the Watson Computer?  

Over the past year, Memorial Sloan-Kettering doctors have worked with an IBM team to train Watson to help assist medical professionals in choosing treatments for lung and breast cancers. [The Atlantic]

Photo courtesy of the Atlantic 



The Tourniquet's Role in the Boston Marathon Bombing

As the blasts went off, quick-thinking bystanders and trained professionals reached for the same things: belts, t-shirts, and other materials to tie off bleeding limbs. These helpers employed a device that was used during the Roman Empire. [Huffington Post

Photo from AP.

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