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Millennials Leading the Digital Health Revolution

Millennials Leading the Digital Health Revolution
Forbes’s list of "30 under 30" in healthcare recognizes young people who are pushing healthcare into the digital age—including several working on medical devices. 

Millennials—people born between the early 1980s through about 2000—have been much maligned as members of an entitled, aimless generation who are still living with their parents. But Forbes recently blew that stereotype out of the water by highlighting 30 people under 30 who are helping to bring healthcare into the digital age.

Among the business magazine’s picks are the following:

  • Researchers from Stanford, Harvard, and the UK’s National Health Service studying how to use mass spectrometry to detect cancer, mathematical models for predicting the effectiveness of HIV cures, and how societal factors such as public funding impact healthcare.
  • Physicians disrupting care through artificial intelligence and nanotech-enabled gene therapy.
  • Entrepreneurs who founded companies working on artificial organs, biotech drugs, and crowdfunding platforms for science projects.

There are also a few on the list working on medical devices specifically:

  • Maria Pereira, 29, head of adhesive technologies at Geckobiomedical, who invented a glue that can be applied in a minimally invasive procedure to repair a hole in a beating heart.
  • Connor Landgraf, 24; Tyler Crouch, 22; and Jason Bellet, 22; cofounders of Eko Devices, a company making smartphone-enabled digital stethescopes.
  • David He, 29, cofounder of Quanttus, which is developing a wearable device to measure vital signs.
  • Jessie Becker, 25, cofounder of InPress Technologies, which is developing a device to prevent deaths caused by postpartum bleeding.
  • Alexander Bisignano, 27, cofounder of Recombine, which is making genetic testing for people thinking of having children.
  • Jason Bornhorst, 28, cofounder of Patient IO, maker of an app that connects doctors and patients while providing biometrics.

You can also check out our sister publication Qmed's 30 under 30 medtech innovators.

Jamie Hartford is the managing editor of MD+DI. Reach her at [email protected] 


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