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Medtech's Take on ACA Repeal and Replace


The potential for market impact from uncertainty around ACA "repeal and replace"

Omar Ishrak, Medtronic chairman and CEO--"To the degree that we can tell, we haven't really seen anything dramatic. This thing is pretty steady, the U.S. market is holding. We think that our new product introduction cycles in the U.S. especially have a bigger impact on our growth rates at this stage than the markets themselves. The markets are pretty steady . . ."

Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson chairman and CEO--"We haven't seen a significant increase in hospital volumes . . . I think overall, the good news from the Affordable Care Act is that there's about 25 million people who through some means, either through Medicaid expansion or through the exchanges, now have got some type of insurance. The good news is that young adults up to 26 years old can be covered under their parents' plan. I think another component is that a lot of pre-existing conditions now must be covered. The challenge of course was a lot of the other assumptions built into it were yet to come to fruition around truly bending the cost curve in some of these areas . . . I think one way or another change would have to occur. I think we're seeing that now and that's what the next couple of years are going to be about. How do we take this platform, preserve some of these benefits and positive aspects, but then make some of the other necessary changes to be successful."


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