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Medtech Startup Showdown 2017: Round 1—Applied Nanoscience vs VideoKall

 Applied Nanoscience Inc. 


Applied Nanoscience Inc.


VideoKall Inc.



Describe your device and how it will benefit healthcare.

A proprietary nanoparticle-coated protective face mask (disposable) with unparalleled, broad spectrum efficacy against harmful pathogens such as avian influenza (H9N2), Human influenza A (H3N2), S. Aureus (MRSA), S. Pneumoniae, H-flu, and swine flu.


We are developing an aggregate of FDA-approved devices, along with robotics, in a continuously sanitized private cabin with automatic instrument cleaning, and telehealth for self-service, telehealth-assisted use for outpatient services.

How does your product differ from the competition?

Complete and total eradication of these pathogens on the surface of the protective mask proven effective against these aerosolized pathogens.


It is the first unmanned (unattended) clinic for retail and corporate use with complete instrumentation to assess, triage, refer and treat seasonal illnesses and chronic illnesses. The unit can be connected to a supporting medical call center at a hospital or clinic via fiber and/or satellite facilitating placement in urban, suburban and rural locations in indoor, outdoor, and mobile environments.

Do you have customers yet?

Functional pilot plant to demonstrate the production scalabilty of NanoFense coating.  Pilot launch in planning stages targeting Southeast Asia consumers and hospitals.

 We have demonstrated our working prototype (alpha) unit to customers and investors. We have an LOI for a customer trial of our beta unit, which is in preparation with a leading university, for piloting this year at their school of nursing and at the senior independent living facility. These will be followed by a trial with the same hospital and a large supermarket chain.

How much money have you raised?



We have raised about $400,000 in cash and $300,000 in equivalent services.

Who are your investors?

Private placement shareholders


Investors are friends, family, founders and fools along with two small partner companies.

What is the next milestone for your device?

Pilot product launch


A pilot at the university's school of nursing in 3Q17, which will be followed by a customer trial in 1Q18 at the senior living facility supported by a name hospital in that area. 510(k) will be filed for FDA notification in 1Q18. Supermarket trial is scheduled for 2Q18.

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