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Medtech's Big Market Movers (ReproCELL)Medtech's Big Market Movers (ReproCELL)


April 6, 2015

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Medtech's Big Market Movers (ReproCELL)



ReproCELL is a stem cell company emerging as a venture out of the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. The company commercialized the first human products, iPS cell products, in 2009. These cells are are "adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to an embryonic stem cell–like state by being forced to express genes and factors important for maintaining the defining properties of embryonic stem cells," according to the National Institutes of Health.

Last year, the Japanese company's share price plummetted 55%, to 773 Japanese yen ($6.48) from 1,725 Japanese yen ($16.38) at the end of 2013. As a result, the company lost $439 billion from its market cap.

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