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Medtech in a Minute: SFA Competition, Check-Cap Inches Toward US Market, and More Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay
Your time is valuable, so we've drilled down the three most important medtech stories from the past two weeks. But feel free to click the headline to read beyond the blurb.

Medtech in a Minute: SFA Competition, Check-Cap Inches Toward US Market, and More

Researchers find broader benefits of a common cardiac blood test, and a new capsule-based polyp detection system eliminates the need for bowl prep. But first, is PQ Bypass ready to go head-to-head with Gore?

Gore Has a New Challenger in SFA

PQ Bypass is set to become the first company since 2004 to have an IDE trial for a stent to treat peripheral artery disease in the superficial femoral artery (SFA). If all goes as planned for the company, its Torus Stent Graft will compete head-to-head with W.L. Gore's Viabahn system. PQ Bypass could potentially file for FDA approval in 2021.

Should This Blood Test Be Part of the Standard Pre-Op for Most Surgeries?

A common cardiac blood test done before surgery can predict who will experience adverse outcomes after most types of surgery, said researchers from Hamilton Health Sciences. The VISION study found that higher levels of NT-proBNP, measured before surgery, can help identify which patients are at greatest risk of cardiac complications after surgery.

Check-Cap Could Eliminate Bowl Prep for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Isfiya, Israel-based Check-Cap reported positive results from a pilot study of its C-Scan System, a preparation-free ingestible scanning capsule-based system for the detection of precancerous polyps. The company is now focused on peparing an IDE submission to FDA and collecting additional clinical data using a new version of the technology. The C-Scan differs from existing capsule technology by eliminating the need for a bowel prep prior to ingestion and examining the colon in its natural state without distention.

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