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Biotronik Enters into Distribution Agreement with InfoBionics

Courtesy of Biotronik Biotronik Enters into Distribution Agreement with InfoBionics
Lake Oswego, OR-based Biotronik faces fierce competition from Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Abbott in the cardiology space, but said its unique technology gives it an advantage.

Biotronik has become the exclusive US distributor for InfoBionic's MoMe Kardia external cardiac diagnostic monitor.

The device benefits patients suspected of experiencing cardiac arrhythmias.

“When we’re looking at partners - we’re asking ourselves - are these partners able to do the three main things that are important to us,” Rupa Basu, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Corporate Accounts and Strategy, at Biotronik Inc., told MD+DI. “The first thing is, is it going to improve the patient’s experience of care. The second is, is this going to improve the health of the patient population, and at the same time is it going to reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.”

She noted that the InfoBionic MoMe Kardia system checks meets all of these criteria.

MoMe is designed to increase early detection and diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias by providing physicians with the ability to access near real-time electrocardiographic data. Monitoring can also uncover patients at higher risk of sudden cardiac death. Hospitalizations and life-threatening cardiac events decrease with early diagnosis and treatment.

MoMe creates access to information that enables intervention to prevent negative outcomes. Medication compliance can be identified and managed, symptoms can be correlated with rhythms, and triggers of cardiac events can be found by analyzing the onset and resolution data of an event.

“The other advantage of this product is the data is immediately available to the physician, so they don’t have to go to a third party diagnostic-testing facility to get the information,” Basu said. “They have better control of their patient’s care.”

Lake Oswego, OR-based Biotronik is working on a pilot launch of the device in certain regions and areas in the U.S. A full-fledged launch will occur sometime in November. The MoMe Kardia device received FDA clearance in 2016. Biotronik’s CEO, Marlou Janssen once said the company was the cardiac rhythm management space's best kept secret. Yet, the firm effectively competes against titans in the industry, such as Medtronic, Abbott Laboratories, and Boston Scientific.

“I think if you look at the products we manufacture ourselves as well as the partnerships that we get into, we always have something that’s unique and proprietary,” Basu said. “I think that’s what keeps us alive and doing well in this competitive market place.”

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