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March 7, 2004

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Originally Published MPMNMarch 2004



Test strips and lateral-flow devices

mpmn0403p28a.jpgA contract firm uses an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for diagnostic test strips and lateral-flow devices. Compatible with backed or unbacked nitrocellulose, GL-187 adhesive can be laid down on white PVC, white polystyrene, and white and clear polyester. The company's services include laying down of nitrocellulose, lamination of active membranes, slitting and laminating absorbents and multilayers of films, and test strips. G&L Precision Die Cutting Inc., San Jose, CA; 

Bonding materials

mpmn0403p28b.jpgSingle-component and solvent-free adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV or visible light, forming permanent bonds between substrates. Suitable materials include polycarbonates, acrylics, polyethylene, PVC, stainless steel, glass, and ceramics. Each adhesive in the 1000 series is available in several viscosity grades. A patented fluorescing system is incorporated, enabling 100% inspection of bond line coverage, manually or through automated vision systems. Applications include reservoirs, catheters, blood pumps, IV sets, transducers, needles, and syringes. Dymax Corp., Torrington, CT; 

Flexible cyanoacrylates

mpmn0403p28c.jpgTwo flexible cyanoacrylate adhesives are suitable for applications that must withstand vibration, impact, and fatigue loads. The adhesives work on flexible, porous, or absorbent substrates such as tubing, O-rings, rubber, paper, leather, and fabric. Both products are clear and formulated to provide hardness and thermocycling resistance. With medium viscosity, the 4851 line is a single-component adhesive for general-purpose bonding, while thehigh-viscosity 4861 bonds porous and absorbent materials. Henkel Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, CT; 

Silicone bonders
Flowable, platinum-catalyzed, addition-cured adhesives are available in two versions. MED1-4213 cures in 4-6 hours at room temperature, and a heat-accelerated MED2-4213 cures at 150°C in 15 minutes or at 100°C in 30 minutes. Suitable for bonding silicone elastomers and a number of metals and plastics, the adhesives are pourable and self-leveling. NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA; 

Transdermal adhesives

mpmn0403p28e.jpgPressure-sensitive adhesives are available with transdermal-grade, acrylic-solution properties. The Duro-Tak 87-201A version offers an option for the hydrophilic end of the acrylic polymer solubility spectrum. In preformulation tests, the product exhibited 5-day wear properties. Exhibiting 3-day wear properties,Duro-Tak 87-900A features nonfunctional, nonreactive properties, compatible for highly functionalized drugs. These characteristics extend shelf life and add stability to the final patch construction. National Starch and Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ; 

Hypoallergenic PSA systems

mpmn0403p28f.jpgA range of hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive(PSA) systems transmit actives at controlled rates through the skin. Manufactured in matrix and reservoir systems, the transdermal products are available for a variety of body and skin types. The selection features short-term-wear uses and long-term applications, such as multiple-day patches. The applications also include monitoring, pacing, defibrillation, and wound care. PSAs are available on bleached polyethylene-coatedkraft, bleached super-calendered kraft, and polyolefin film release liners. Mactac TechnicalProducts, Stow,OH; 

mpmn0403p28g.jpgAdhesive converter

A contract manufacturer fabricates diagnostic and wound-care products, surgical drapes, and 3M-branded microplate sealing tapes. The company's capabilities include tight-tolerance slitting, laminating, spool traverse winding, in-line packaging, and flexographic printing. The company also offers customers a complete process analysis. 
M&C Specialties Co., Southampton, PA; 

mpmn0403p28h.jpgCustom and toll coating

Custom and toll coating of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes is available. The company can supply single- and double-coated formulations, transfer films, and custom adhesives on film, foam, nonwoven, woven, and tissue substrates. Additional services include coating optimization, converting, die-cutting, slitting, and packaging. LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems Corp., West Caldwell, NJ; 

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