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5 Startups Poised to Change MedTech Forever (video and slideshow)

5 Startups Poised to Change MedTech Forever (video and slideshow)
Transformational is a word that gets thrown around a lot. But these startups, leveraging technology and science, are aiming to upend all traditional notions of healthcare, thereby making it better. 

These are exciting, uncertain times in healthcare and especially, medtech.

All the old assumptions, structures and cultures need to reconfigured as new technologies, new customer demands and new economic realities are shifting the ground beneath the medtech industry’s collective (and, dare I say) stodgy feet.

Who shall claim the future is an open question. But these five companies - all startups - are trying to reimagine both medicine and healthcare by harnessing technologies that have real transformational capabilities.

If successful, and widely adopted, they will change medtech forever. In alphabetical order, they are:


Remote patient monitoring may be getting widespread currency now, but AirStrip Technologies is a pioneer in the field of mobile patient monitoring with its first mobile solution to remotely monitor pregnant women back in 2006.

Correctly tapping into the fact that doctors are heavy users of mobile technology, the company has created a suite of mobile solutions that can collect patient data from disparate sources such as medical devices and EMRs that are presented in user-friendly manner to clinicians on their mobile devices.That real time information on which clinicians can act on can help to lower costs and improved outcomes, thereby achieving the dual Holy Grail of healthcare.

Since its debut with the AirStrip ONE OB, the company has launched numerous other applications: AirStrip ONE Cardiology, AirStrip ONE Patient Monitoring and AirStrip One EMR. In fact the AirStrip platform became the first FDA-cleared app to be featured in Apple's App Store. Here is a video, courtesy of TriStar Health of how AirStrip ONE Cardiology is being used. 


[Photo Credit: user ryasick]

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