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4 Areas of Healthcare at the Tipping Point: Smart Tool Error Prevention

Smart Tool Error Prevention

Smart devices are very much a reality in our day-to-day context, but to what extent can such technology extend into medical device development? Building artificial intelligence into diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical tools could minimize the potential for human error, in turn improving patient outcomes.

By leveraging sensors, actuators, cameras, lenses, medical devices, and even single-use disposables—all of which are quickly becoming commodity technologies—in new ways, we could provide real-time guidance to prevent mistakes and misuse. Imagine a scalpel that prevents a surgeon from accidentally cutting through the wrong type of tissue by utilizing a warning indicator or prevents the tool from being reused prior to sterilization with a lockdown functionality.

Hear more about what the future has in store for medtech at the MEDevice San Diego conference and exposition, September 1–2, 2015.

Steve McPhilliamy is parter at Insight Product Development.

[image courtesy of INSIGHT PD]

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