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10 People Who Changed the Medtech Industry

The people on our list have altered the landscape of the industry—for better or worse.

June 6, 2013

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10 People Who Changed the Medtech Industry

There's no shortage of heroes in the medical device industry, but all the people you’re about to read about aren’t necessarily the good guys of medtech. In fact, some people might even consider a few of them to be villains.10peoplelogo.jpg

MD+DI’s editors didn’t set out to choose the most popular people in medtech or those who have done the most to improve the industry. Instead, we wanted to highlight the people who have had (or, in some cases, are having) a lasting impact on the industry.

With suggestions from our editorial advisory board and readers, we chose the 10 people we believe have affected the most change to the medical device industry—and change isn’t always for the better.

The people we picked are regulators, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and even patients. Some have changed the industry from within, whereas others are outsiders. What they all have in common is the indelible mark each has left on the business of medical technology.

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