Best Companies to Work For: NuVasive

NuVasive San Diego, CA NuVasive was launched in 1999 as a startup with a mission to create a less-invasive spine surgery procedure. Through innovative technological advancements, the company has turned major spine surgery into the equivalent of outpatient surgery.

With annual revenue approaching $500 million, NuVasive is one of the fastest-growing spinal companies. Photo courtesy of NuVasive.

Over the course of the last several years, the company has become one of the fastest growing medical device companies. It had $500 million in revenue in 2010. It has built an entire spine franchise, developing more than 65 products spanning lumbar, thoracic, and cervical applications, as well as a portfolio of biologics.

 Employees at NuVasive are called “shareowners” because that’s exactly what they are—joint owners who drive the success of the company and embrace the culture of teamwork, innovation, and high standards. To acknowledge their high-performance, the firm offers an average salary that is 25% more than the midpoint of the market. It also offers 100% coverage for employees and dependents in medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

“The culture, drive, and leadership combined with an innovative life-changing technology create a great place to work,” says Laura Fellows, senior manager of corporate communications and culture development. “NuVasive has the ambition and excitement of a startup combined with years of experience. It is incredibly rewarding to know we are making a difference and developing new products that will significantly impact people’s lives.” 

CEO: Alexis V. Lukianov

Employees: 1143

Key Products: XLIF

Annual Revenue: $500 million

The company’s San Diego headquarters includes a 24-hour on-site gym facility. Employees have access to daily exercise classes and personal training. The company also offers a fitness reimbursement and sponsors more than 30 active fitness clubs.

 CEO Alex Lukianov reinforces the importance the company places on its people. “Since we started NuVasive, our first priority has always been our internal staff. By focusing on shareowner performance, development, and fulfillment, our customers and investors will ultimately be served at the highest level.”

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