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What’s the Latest in Robotics?

What’s the Latest in Robotics?
Image by janjf93 from Pixabay
Robotic-assisted coronary procedures, 3D-sensing industrial robotics, deep-learning-enabled dynamic robotics, and more will be highlighted at the co-located BIOMEDevice Boston and ESC Boston.

There’s no question that robotics is poised to transform healthcare, manufacturing, and much more. The market for medical robots is expected to reach USD 16.74 billion by 2023 up from about $6.46 billion in 2018, predicts Markets&Markets. The research firm also predicts the industrial robotics market to reach USD 71.72 billion by 2023.

Attendees to BIOMEDevice Boston and ESC Boston will have the opportunity to see robotics in action and hear the latest developments and best practices from several experts. The shows are co-located together May 15-16.

For instance, the CorPath GRX system from Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc. is on display in the Surgical Suite at Booth 110 at BIOMEDevice Boston. The CorPath platform is described as the first FDA-cleared medical device to bring robotic precision to percutaneous coronary and vascular procedures. Last November Mark Toland, president and CEO of Corindus, told MD+DI that “this technology offers optimized robotic techniques that can tackle even the most complex procedures,” Toland said. He added that the company is also exploring the safety and feasibility of remote treatment with the CorPath GRX System.

Per Bergman, vice president, research and development for Corindus Vascular Robotics, will also be participating in the panel discussion, “Solving R&D Productivity Challenges,” today from 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM in the Research & Development track (Track B) of the BIOMEDevice Boston conference. Panelists will examine ways to overcome organizational constraints that could impact R&D.

Roger Smith, PhD, chief technology officer, AdventHealth Nicholson Center, who told MD+DI last year that he was tracking nearly 60 medical robots,  and explored what the next five to 10  years could hold for surgical robotic innovation in “Advanced Research Efforts Changing the Way Medtech Uses Robotics” Wednesday, May  in the R&D track of the BIOMEDevice Boston conference. He’ll discussed 70 unique surgical robots and explore their impact.

Smith will also moderate the Center Stage panel discussion, “Robotic Surgery: Visions of the Future,”  today  at 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM. He will be joined by Richard Leparmentier, vice president of engineering for Auris; Doug Teany, chief operating officer for Corindus Vascular Robotics; and Tom Calef, chief technology officer for Activ Surgical. Panelists will share their thoughts about the state of surgical robotics technology and where it's headed in the next five to10 years.

Scott Huennekens, former president & CEO of Verb Surgical,  discussed how the intersection of robotics, AI, and medical devices will change the future of care in a fireside chat with MassMEDIC President Brian Johnson yesterday at Center Stage.

For industrial uses of robotics, Patrick Sobalvarro, co-founder & CEO of Veo Robotics, will discuss how robots and humans could work together safely in “Advanced Vision Systems for Safe Human-Robot Interaction” on Thursday during the ESC Boston conference. The company has developed an advanced vision application with 3D sensing for safe human-robot interaction.

For the basics on robotics, Michael Anderson, director of technology for The PTR Group LLC, will present an “Introduction to the Robot Operating System” on today  at 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM during the ESC conference. He will introduce the Robot Operating System (ROS), a control framework for implementing distributed control in applications such as robotics.

Kent Gilson, founder/inventor, Haddington Dynamics, discussed the progress industrial robots are making and their role in Industry 4.0 in “Robots Aren't Just Coming, They're Here … And That's a Good Thing” yesterday in the ESC Boston Engineering Theater. He’ll also explore changes in IoT and connected devices and the opportunities and challenges in system integration and security.

And Fady Saad, co-founder and director of partnerships, MassRobotics, discussed the “relevant opportunities” in robotics in “Robotics Between Fantasy & Reality” Wednesday in the ESC Boston Engineering Theater. He’ll shared his experience in co-founding the robotics startups innovation hub, MassRobotics.

Mobile robots are also on their way. Kevin Blankespoor, VP of product engineering, Boston Dynamics, will share the latest developments in the keynote, “Exploring Real World Applications for Dynamic Robots” today at 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM at Center Stage. The company has developed a number of different dynamic robots, drawing from its capabilities in dynamic mobility, mobile manipulation, and systems engineering. Boston Dynamics also just acquired Kinema Systems, which provides Pick deep-learning technology for industrial robotic arms to enable them to locate and move boxes on complex pallets. Pick is now part of Boston Dynamics’s Handle platform for logistics.

BIOMEDevice Boston and ESC Boston continues today.  

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