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Supplier Stories for the Week of April 19

<p><a href="">Festo North America</a> and subsidiary Fabco-Air Inc. continue to supply pneumatic and electric drive technology to distributors, equipment manufacturers, and end-users in North America. Festo LifeTech Business Unit components are used in high-speed automated laboratory devices (shown above) envisioned for sample screening during the pandemic, and Festo LifeTech components are also used by certified respiratory equipment manufacturers, the company reported in a news release.</p><p>“Festo has launched focused coronavirus mitigation projects,” said Craig Correia, director of life science & process industries, Festo North America, in the release. “Among several initiatives, the first is to ensure that orders for components and systems used in medical devices receive priority treatment and are processed and shipped rapidly.</p><p>“A large research and development team is working full time on a design for a quick-to-manufacture emergency respiratory ventilator.," he added. "Another team alongside a partner firm is developing a concept for automated production of protective masks. This team envisions a complete production system that can be setup and shipped within a standard transport container.”</p><p>Festo reported that it is keeping its overall production and logistics systems sound for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and packaging industries as well as for washing systems for hospitals and care facilities.</p><p>The company offers a 24/7 online shop for placing orders and checking delivery status and online product configuration and engineering tools.</p><p>[Image courtesy of FESTO NORTH AMERICA]</p>
Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of April 19, with many suppliers responding to needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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