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Automation and Robotics

Article-Automation and Robotics


Automation and Robotics
Gantry Robots Do Not Require Conveyors, Free Up Floor Space

Combining a ceiling-mounted flexible SCARA robot with a long-stroke Cartesian robot, a series of compact gantry robots offers high efficiency.
The XR-series four-axis robots use up to 40% less factory floor space than conventional SCARA robots, according to the supplier. Moreover, they can function in many applications without the need for a conveyor. For such operations as assembly, material handling, and parts feeding, this capability can result in reduced equipment costs. The high-speed robots have a reach of 200 to 300 mm and an x-axis stroke ranging from 850 to 1660 mm. With a payload capacity of 3 kg, the robots feature a cycle time of 0.53 seconds and repeatability of ±0.015 mm. Programming software, controllers, and teaching pendants are also offered with the robots, including 3-D simulation software that allows for off-line programming and remote monitoring of robot operations.
Denso Robotic
Long Beach, CA

Automated System Enables In-House Electropolishing

A compact system is designed to enable manufacturers of metallic medical devices and components to electropolish their products in-house in order to maintain control over production quality. In addition to electropolishing, the system can sharpen, deburr, and passivate such parts as surgical drills, stents, and screens. The system can also help manufacturers reduce reliance on outside vendors, thereby decreasing chances of quality inconsistencies and delayed deliveries, according to the supplier. Featuring a secure, menu-driven PLC, the system offers part and lot traceability and includes more than 10 preprogrammed recipes for treatment cycles. Capable of handling parts measuring up to 8 × 8 × 4 in., the enclosed system can process up to 30 loads per hour, depending on parts and materials.
MetFab Technologies Inc.
Warwick, RI

Automated Assembly System Built for Cleanroom Use

Capable of integrating up to 26 processes, a standardized linear assembly machine is built for use in cleanroom environments. The QuickLink linear indexing system features several modules for incorporating ultrasonic welding, UV bonding, flow testing, laser inspection, and other operations necessary for small-part assembly applications. Using smart programming, the machine is capable of self-diagnosing problems and determining the best course of action to resolve a production error. In response to such an event, the machine can sound an alarm, retry the failed procedure, slow the production pace, or use an instant-stop function to deactivate all systems. Available with a 2- or 4-m working zone, the unit features an over/under-style chain conveyor, hardened-steel shot pins and replaceable bores, and a steel-welded frame with an aluminum work surface.
Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies
Ronkonkoma, NY

Automatic O-Ring Installation Machines Offer Speed, Flexibility

Designed for medical device manufacturing and packaging applications, a line of O-ring and seal installation equipment can achieve rates of more than 50 installations per minute, which is significantly faster than manual methods, according to the supplier. In addition to increased efficiency, the machines offer reliability and an ergonomic design to reduce operator force. Standard automation modules can be integrated into multistation assembly lines or adjusted for semiautomatic operation. The machines can be augmented with optional tooling features to run a variety of parts and O-rings. Because the O-ring is placed onto the part and is not twisted or rolled, no damage can occur to the O-ring, according to the manufacturer. In addition to silicone seal feeding and installation, the machines can handle special seal configurations and applications requiring medical-grade lubrication. The machines can also be customized to accommodate stainless-steel medical packaging and cleanroom applications, seal-placement verification, and Teflon coating.
Automated Industrial Systems
Erie, PA

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