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Product design firm Bresslergroup gave BD’s Bactec system a user-friendly makeover



Turnkey System Features Automatic Pad Cleaning

58069.tifA supplier of automated assembly equipment for medical device manufacturing applications offers a turnkey system that automatically feeds parts into the machine and unloads the finished products. The machine has two rotary indexers, one for printing and another for welding operations, such as securing a lid to a container. Additionally, an automatic pad-cleaning device is integrated into the pad printer. Featuring x, y, z, and r axes, the system can operate at production speeds ranging from 20 to 300 ppm, depending on the product. Employing a part-transfer system with pick-and-place capabilities, the machine can transport a part from the pad-print dial plate nest, rotate it 90º, and then load it onto the ultrasonic welding dial plate nest for final assembly. The company also offers automated systems with four-color laser marking and engraving capabilities.
Applied Manufacturing Technologies Inc.
Anaheim, CA

Customizable Unit Works Alone or in a Line

58262.tifBecause some product life cycles can be shorter than the ROI of a production machine, a company has designed a flexible unit that can be used for single-station stand-alone operations or incorporated into a multistation process line. The Adapto machine is customizable for fully or semiautomatic assembly processes, can easily be retrofitted to accommodate product design variations, and uses linear motor technology. Optional features include testing, measuring, and inspection functions. For example, the company can integrate a camera into the unit for vision inspection of medical device components. Multiple integrated leak tests and automatic product unloading operations also can be added to the machine.
London, ON, Canada

Orbital Forming Aligns Parts for Precise Assembly

58291.tifFrom fixturing to forming and fastening to assembly, machines from a provider of standard and custom medical device manufacturing equipment are designed to increase throughput and quality for OEMs. The company’s Orbitform Model 125 is a benchtop orbital forming machine that maintains precise alignment of small parts for assembling such products as surgical instruments, spinal implants, and catheter tubes. The unit can be customized to meet application requirements, increased production speeds, and cleanroom specifications. Clamping mechanisms can ensure uniform part production and are examples of application-specific features that can be built in. Offering both manual and automatic operation modes, the standard version of the pneumatic machine features a filter-regulator unit, an adjustable digital dwell timer, an eight-digit resettable cycle counter, and an adjustable vertical head.
Orbitform Group
Jackson, MI

Electronic Device Assembly System Includes Microresistance Welding

58263.tifA series of fully and semiautomatic systems is designed to accommodate assembly of electronic medical devices. The HBR-series machines feature microresistance welding, a thermal process that has become increasingly popular as devices and electronics continue to shrink. Microresistance welding enables parts to be heated to their melting points at their interface to form one body when the weld cools. The precise nature of this process makes it suitable for such applications as guidewires, cutting tools, pacemakers, and hearing aids. The systems also include hot-bar reflow soldering, heat-seal bonding, and thermocompression and heat-staking welding operations for joining electronic components to PCBs. In addition to controlling device assembly, the systems can be used to analyze heat solder and seal data. Because device and process information is stored in a central database, changes can be made across multiple machines remotely.
techMatrix LLC
Eden Prairie, MN

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