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Julie Cameron

Julie Cameron

Julie Cameron is vice president of business development and marketing at NuSil. The company has held fast to two core principles: first is an unwavering commitment to the long-term implantable market over that period of time, and second is customization. The company has played an important role in in the industry, developing innovative materials that have led to better medical devices and therefore outcomes for patients.

The foundation of the brand was built on highly specialized ultra-pure silicones, and we still operate the same way today. We are organized to service innovation at any scale, and we have experts who are focused specifically on both the up-and-coming innovators and on ongoing product improvement efforts for the large multinationals. This takes agility and the ability to translate application needs into fundamental silicone chemistry and processing. While we’re in our 40th year, the startup spirit is still part of the molecular structure of NuSil. We're very customer-centric, and we recognize our success has been built on collaborating with our clients. While our pool of customers evolves, we work to evolve with it. In fact, some of our largest accounts today began as startups 30 years ago or more.

NuSil will be exhibiting at Booth #1143 at MD&M Minneapolis October 23-24, 2019.

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