An Amazon Marketplace for Medical Devices? (video)

A Swiss startup is reimagining the way hospitals should source medical devices using Amazon and e-commerce as a model.


As a hospital, would you buy your pacemaker and defibrillator online, much like you would a book or a small electronics or diapers from Amazon? 

Swiss startup NayaMed, which launched a few years ago, is betting that hospitals will. At least those in Europe. The company's website shows that hospitals in Italy and Germany are using the company's online platform to source products.

But NayaMed does more than provide an e-marketplace. It offers 24-hour access to digital inventory management, communities, eLearning, product information and technical support. 

The medical device purchasing process is undergoing major change, and there are different ways that companies are reimagning the core relationship between hospital purchasers and device makers. NayaMed wants to get in on this.

 The question of course is would an Amazon like marketplace for medical devices work this side of the pond? You decide. 

Here is a video of what NayaMed is aiming to do. 

[Photo Credit: user alexsl]


-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI



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