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Aidoc’s AI Solution to ID Pulmonary Embolism Cleared

FDA’s clearance comes on the heels of the New York-based company raising $27 million.

A newly FDA-cleared artificial intelligence solution could help give greater insight on patients that pulmonary embolisms (PE). New York-based Aidoc has developed the PE application that works with radiologists to flag and triage PE cases in chest CTs.

Aidoc's solutions analyze medical images directly after the patient is scanned and notify the radiologists of cases with suspected findings to assist with prioritization of time-sensitive, and potentially life-threatening cases.

In an email, Aidoc told MDDI that without its solution, “a clinician would have no way of knowing that the 20th patient in their worklist had a suspected PE until they'd worked through the previous patients on the list. The identification and triage system can cut time-to-diagnosis for patients with critical conditions from hours to less than five minutes.”

In the U.S., Up to 200,000 people a year die due to PE. Aidoc said undetected or late-detected PE is one of the most common causes of preventable death in hospitalized patients. PE diagnosis can be highly challenging due to its variable and non-specific presentation, making AI-driven workflow triage especially beneficial.

"What really excites us about this clearance is that it paves the way towards scalable product expansion." Elad Walach, Aidoc co-founder and CEO said in a release, "We strive to provide our customers with comprehensive end-to-end solutions and have put a lot of effort in developing a scalable AI platform. It took us 18 months to get our first FDA clearance, six for the second one, and we have eight more packages in active clinical trials, I'm excited about what will come next. I can only extend my utmost gratitude to the FDA for having open communication channels and working together with us on clearing many solutions in parallel."

The PE clearance comes on the heels of the company raising $27 million in a financing round.

In an email to MD+DI, the company said proceeds from the financing would go toward driving its expansion into more hospitals and medical centers worldwide. The financing will also be used to develop new modalities including X-ray and MRI, and oncology support.

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