Affymetrix Moves Chip Manufacturing to Singapore


An operator uses Affymetrix's Sigma
Aligner machine for gene chip array manufacturing
in Singapore.

Affymetrix Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) has opened a manufacturing facility in Singapore for its GeneChip product. The Singapore plant is the company's first manufacturing site located outside of the United States. Affymetrix expects the move to help support its expanding international business. About 40% of its microarray production will be located at Jurong Industrial Park in Singapore by the end of the year.

GeneChip microarray technology is an industry-standard tool for analyzing complex genetic information. More than 1500 chips have been distributed worldwide. Diagnostic and biotechnology companies use the technology to examine the relationship between genes and human health. The chips can help researchers develop diagnostics and design treatments for individual patients by identifying and measuring the genetic information related to certain conditions.

Affymetrix is one of five scientific instrumentation companies that have established manufacturing plants in Singapore during the last two years. The other four companies are MDS Sciex, Waters, Fluidigm, and Bio-Rad Laboratories.

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