5 Must-Have iOS Apps For Those in Orthopedics (slideshow)

Smartphone apps have been helping to make the life of the busy surgeon easier as well as boosting patient-physician interaction. What are some top iOS apps in the orthopedics world?


At the recently-concluded annual meeting of the American Academy Orthopaedic Surgeons in New Orleans, one recurring topic that was presented was how to leverage capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

Two presenters in particular - Orrin I. Franko, a resident member of AAOS, and founder of TopOrthoApps - and John P. Andrawis, a graduate of the University of Chicago's business school and a resident member of AAOS - talked at length about specific apps that will make the lives of harried orthopedic surgeons easier, while also improving interaction with patients. 

The slideshow that includes both iPhone apps and iPad tabs is based on their recommendations. Since Apple devices are what is most popular with orthopedic surgeons and residents, the receommendations are all of apps that populate Apple's App store. 

 AO Surgery Reference

Device: For iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

Details: It's an anamotical guide that allows orthopedic surgeons to prepare for surgery once they have diagnosed the patient with a certain fracture. Using the app's skeletal model, surgeons can select the region of the body that has suffered the trauma or fracture. The app shows X-rays of possible fractures, provides detail about it and provides operating options. It can also show skills required to do that procedure, explains the various surgical approaches and even guide aftercare.

"I love their anatomy drawings," Orrin Franko, the orthopedic resident, doing the presentation, said.



-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI
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