5 Medical Technologies Fit for Football—BlackBox Biometrics

BlackBox Biometrics

BlackBox Biometrics

Rochester, NY-based BlackBox Biometrics has plenty of cred when it comes to military sensors. Its Blast Gauge System sensor, focused on TBI, has been used with the U.S. Army, Special Forces, FBI, and SWAT teams, according to information on the corporate website. 

The company has transferred that technology to sports with its Linx Impact Assessment System (IAS), a thin sensor that offers immediate evaluation of contact incidents. That impact data is available to players, coaches, and families via an app and can help inform decisions about whether further concussion testing is needed. 

The company underscores that concussions are not just a problem for professional athletes. A video on the Linx IAS website features young athletes and the company cites data that found that 40% of sport-related concussions are in children between 8 and 13 years old.


[Image courtesy of BLACKBOX BIOMETRICS]  


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