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5 Healthcare CEOS Who Tweet Well But Differently (slideshow)

Twitter has become a tool for communication for even busy CEOs who understand the importance of setting the agenda, forwarding their company's business interests and show off their personality.

No matter which side of the argument you fall on regarding healthcare CEOS using Twitter - for or against - it's always fascinating to find CEOs who find the time and inclination to tweet.

Here are five CEOs representing different parts of the healthcare ecosystem who are on Twitter. Their styles are different, and some of them are not as frequent tweeters as others, but they each have adopted some of the basic tenets of Twittersphere, if not all - engage others, share third-party content, show your personality and tweet regularly.

In no particular order they are: 

Ishrak, the CEO of a premier medical device firm, tweets but not daily, and for the most part he is all business. He tweets about the changing healthcare dynamic, Medtronic' acquisitions, forays into globalization and the company's initiatives in patient health and innovation.

Although his tweets are straight forward, he does follow a cardinal rule of Twitter - be social and engage. He replies to patients tweets, shows sympathy, and in one particularly interesting example, fulfilled a patient's long-standing request after the patient challenged Ishrak on Twitter.

He is also savvy about using Twitter to reach out to people who have made a name and a huge following on healthcare social media. For instance, Dr. Eric Topol. Here's Ishrak touting a Medtronic product to Topol in response to a Topol tweet - the response is a month after Topol's original tweet, so perhaps there is some room for imrprovement on the immediacy front:



But perhaps most interestingly, Ishrak uses Twitter to provide a glimpse into his personal life, something that is surprising for any CEO, especially in the uptight world of medtech. 

Ishrak has quite a few dry, business-like tweets promoting his company and his mission, but on the whole seems willing to engage and lift the curtain a bit, which is refreshing for a Fortune 500 CEO. 


[Photo Credit: user pressureUA]

-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI
[email protected]



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