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Virginia Boy 3D Prints Mask for Sick Uncle and Others

Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay Virginia Boy 3D Prints Mask for Sick Uncle and Others
A Virginia mom and her son are going viral this weekend after the mom tweeted about her son taking initiative and using a 3D printer to make a face mask for his sick uncle. He is also making more of the masks to donate, she said.
A Virginia mom's tweet went viral over the weekend after her son used a 3D printer to make face masks for his high-risk uncle and others in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when people all across the globe are frightened and dismayed, it is uplifting to see kindness and compassion trending. And on Twitter, of all places.

Renee Randolph, a culinary arts and sciences instructor in Arlington, VA, is going viral on Twitter this weekend after she tweeted about her son using a 3D printer to make a face mask for his high-risk uncle who is at home waiting for a heart transplant. Best of all, he is printing more masks to donate. Randolph's tweet had been liked by nearly 25,000 people and about 4,000 people had retweeted it as of Saturday afternoon.

"He makes my heart smile everyday," Randolph (@ChefRandi14_ACC) tweeted about her son.

Thousands of people have responded to the tweet, commenting on the young man's compassionate actions.

"Awesome job," tweeted Marty Seaton (@MSeaton_GMS). "The mask is great, but your son's empathy, love, and thoughtfulness is even better."

Others commented on the power of 3D printing.

"Very cool, 3D printers are amazing, I dont think they are used enough," tweeted Craig from PA (@Craig5778). "Good Job Little Man. From houses to cars and medical devices."

Perhaps Randolph's son has a future in biomedical engineering?

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