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2015 MDEA Winners: Diagnostic Products and Systems

Diagnostic Products and Systems Gold Cologuard


Diagnostic Products and Systems





Cologuard, manufactured by Exact Sciences Corp. (United States), is a noninvasive screening test for colorectal cancer designed to help increase rates of screening compliance.

Supply/design credits: Mayo Clinic, Phillips-Medisize Corp., Exact Sciences Corp.  




BacterioScan 216R Laser Microbial Growth Monitor


The BacterioScan 216R Laser Microbial Growth Monitor, manufactured byBacterioScan, Inc. (United States), delivers accurate detection of urinary tract infections from patient specimens within 90 minutes, reducing lab time-to-result by more than 90% for the vast majority of patients.

Supply/design credit: Metaphase Design Group Inc. 




EPIQ Ultrasound Platform 

The EPIQ ultrasound platform, manufactured by Philips North America (United States), achieves a 76% increase in penetration and 213% increase in temporal resolution compared with conventional premium ultrasound systems and offers benefits such as ergonomic design and portability. .

Supply/design credits: Philips Design, NIC Global, Altek, Southco, BCM Advanced Research, Sanmina, Fimi Barco



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