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10 Medtech Companies that Helped Define Orthopedics

MD+DI has identified 10 companies in the orthopedics market that are truly unforgettable.

  • 10 Companies that Defined the Orthopedics Market

    From high-end acquisitions to the introduction of robots, the orthopedics market has been pretty hot lately. Companies are constantly shifting and thriving in the space - leaving one to question - what's next?

    Data on market capitalization, 2018 revenue, and position were derived from MD+DI's database of 115 Medtech Companies of 2018. Sources for the database are FactSet, Bloomberg LP, and company filings.

  • Orthofix Medical
    Market Capitalization: $993M
    2018 Revenue: $443M
    Rank in Database: 94

    Orthofix has been well-balanced in orthopedics. The company has come out with strong products and is always fluid. Most recently, the Lewisville, TX-based company announced the first commercial implants of patients with the M6-C artificial cervical disc.

  • Globus Medical
    Market Capitalization: $4.2B
    2018 Revenue: $693M
    Rank in Database: 78

    Globus Medical has been pushing into the world of robotics lately. The Audubon, PA-based company recently revealed the positive outcomes of a clinical study, which highlighted the efficiency of its ExcelsiusGPS Robotic navigation over traditional pedicle screw placement techniques. Globus Medical has also been investing in several developments, which are likely to strengthen its foothold in the robotics-assisted spine surgery market. The company recently filed a 510 (k) submission to FDA for the clearance of the ExcelsiusGPS interbody module, which is expected to be launched in the 3Q19.

  • Wright Medical
    Market Capitalization:$3.4B
    2018 Revenue: $816M
    Rank in Database: 73

    Past lawsuits and a nonapprovable letter from FDA haven’t been enough to slow down Wright Medical’s momentum in the race to put strong products out on the market. The company has been sprinting for a while now and took advantage of the friendly M&A environment in medtech in 2018 by putting up $435 million for Cartiva. Alpharetta, GA -based Cartiva was known for its Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI) and won FDA approval for the product in 2016.

  • Nuvasive
    Market Capitalization: $2.5B
    2018 Revenue: $1.1B
    Rank in Database: 61

    Nuvasive probably would want to erase most of 2017 from the books. We won’t go into all of it here, but let's just say there were massive challenges the company faced. Now, Nuvasive is swinging back and just recently announced the commercial launch of Modulus TLIF-O, a porous titanium spine implant.


  • Integra Lifesciences
    Market Capitalization: $3.8B
    2018 Revenue: $1.5B
    Rank in Database: 50

    Time and time again Integra Life Sciences has proved it has staying power. The company remains consistent, despite the increasing competition in the orthopedics market.

  • Smith & Nephew
    Market Capitalization: $16.3B
    2018 Revenue: $4.9B
    Rank in Database: 19

    One of the biggest rumors in medtech that has persisted for years is that Stryker is going to acquire Smith & Nephew. And it is still a rumor so nothing new to report on that front. However, what isn’t a rumor is Smith & Nephew’s continued success. In fact, the London-based company wasn’t shy during its last earnings call about the desire to be fairly active on the M&A trail. Smith & Nephew recently made headlines when it agreed to acquire Atracys for an undisclosed sum. The Switzerland-based company develops advanced optical tracking systems for medical surgery applications such as implant placement and robotics-assisted surgery with down to sub-millimeter precision.

  • Zimmer Biomet
    Market Capitalization: $21.2B
    2018 Revenue: $8B

    Rank in Database: 14

    In 2015, Zimmer finally closed on its $14 billion deal to acquire Biomet. However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the orthopedic giant. In 2018, Bryan Hanson, the ZimmerBiomet’s CEO said it would take a two-year turnaround to get the company back into positive market share growth. In addition, Hanson implemented a plan to truly unite the companies -as they had been acting like silos since the merger. During the company's 4Q17 call Hanson said, “there are still camps of Zimmer and Biomet and we need to create Zimmer Biomet, forget the legacy companies.”

  • Stryker Corp
    Market Capitalization: $58.7B
    2018 Revenue: $13.3B
    Rank in Database: 9

    Stryker certainly has been part of a lot of acquisition rumors ranging from Smith & Nephew to Boston Scientific. But the Kalmazoo, MI-based company went through 2018 making several acquisitions. Stryker made one of its largest acquisitions when it acquired K2M for $1.4 billion. The addition of K2M was a game changer for the company. 

  • Johnson & Johnson
    Market Capitalization: $27.3B
    2018 Revenue: $32.7B
    Rank in Database: 2

    In 1998, Johnson & Johnson acquired a Depuy Synthesis. It was a deal that propelled the New Brunswick, NJ-based company head first into the orthopedics market. Back in August the company announced the launch of their new flagship technology, the CONCORDE LIFT Interbody Implant. The new implantable device was designed to help treat patients suffering from degenerative disc disease, a condition that can cause extreme pain from a damaged disc in the spine.

  • Medtronic
    Market Capitalization:
    2018 Revenue: $30.3B
    Rank in Database: 1

    OK, so Medtronic is really all over the place when it comes to orthopedics. The Dublin-based company recently revealed that it was withdrawing from the orthopedic implant market by selling its Responsive Orthopedics business. However, the company is moving strong in the robotic orthopedics market. The company solidified its position in this space when it acquired Mazor Robotics for $1.64 billion.

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