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Welcome to MD+DI's Video Vault. We have compiled short, informative video clips from suppliers and service providers, and brought them here for your viewing.

UPS Discusses Healthcare Supply Chain Trends
The 2011 UPS "Pain in the (Supply) Chain" survey explores top business and supply chain concerns at pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies worldwide. UPS's Director of Global Strategy, UPS Healthcare Logistics, describes the most significant global healthcare trends and discusses their implications for the healthcare supply chain.


Alfred Mann, CEO of MannKind Corp., received MDEA's Lifetime Achievement Award
Alfred E. Mann, Chairman and CEO of MannKind Corporation, has been chosen as this year's recipient of the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) Lifetime Achievement Award. With 42 years dedicated to the development of medical device technologies, Mr. Mann has greatly influenced the advancement of medical device technologies. In this video, Mr. Mann accepts his award from UBM Director of Content, Richard Nass, at the MD&M East event in New York City on June 8, 2011.


Brought to you by: JOHNSON MATTHEY
Brian Woodward, General Manager, Medical Products, gives a brief company overview and discusses the applications for their precious metals, nitinol and specialty alloy products. Click on the video to learn more about their tube, wire, sheet and micromachined components. JOHNSON MATTHEY is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified; RoHS, WEEE, and REACH compliance. Visit their extensive web site for a full line of products, online inventory lists and information at


Retina Implant AG
After having an electronic microchip from Retina Implant AG implanted behind the eye, test subject Mikka points out a spelling error in his own name. Mikka suffers from hereditary retinal degeneration (retinitis pigmentosa), which results in a progressive loss of photoreceptors and in most cases leads to a complete loss of vision. Click here to watch the electronic microchip from Retina Implant AG in action.


Teleflex Medical OEM at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Teleflex Medical OEM
Jim McCormack, Global Communications Manager for Teleflex Medical OEM, discusses the product development and outsourcing capabilities Teleflex offers. Among the products and services showcased are microfinished and micro precision instruments and components, performance fibers and surgical sutures, and extrusion services.
Duration: 01:14


Helix Medical at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Helix Medical
Scott A. Zygulski, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, discusses the custom medical device and component technology capabilities that Helix Medical offers. Helix Medical is a leading global participant with more than 50 years combined experience in contract manufacturing services for the medical, health care, and biotech industries with operations spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.


RJG Inc. at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: RJG, Inc.
Dave Sanborn, Western Regional Manager for RJG, Inc. gives an overview of RJG's Scientific Molding products and training capabilities. Using an example part molded at the 2011 MD&M Show, Dave explains how RJG sensors and the eDART System™ can keep bad parts out of the supply chain.


Brady Medical at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Brady Medical
Brian Davies, Vice President, Sales, discusses the many custom products their company offers to the medical and diagnostic industry. Including, product development, new technologies, and materials. He demonstrates a thin film dressing with an applied adhesive of silver antimicrobial. BRADY MEDICAL is ISO 13485: 2003 AND 9001: 2002 certified, FDA Drug and Device Registered, and GMP certified.


Elcam Medical at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Elcam Medical
Elcam Medical, a leading provider on an OEM basis of stopcocks, offers the Advantage You Need in drug delivery, IV therapy, anesthesia/critical care, and interventional cardiology and radiology products. Lloyd Fishman, President of Elcam Medical, discusses their expanded product line through acquisitions and demonstrates a range of novel products such as the Triple Safe Stopcock, the Y-Click and the Haskal Guidewire Torque Device.


Norman Noble at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Norman Noble
Brian Hrouda, Director of Sales and Marketing for Norman Noble Inc. discuses the contract manufacturing services for medical devices and implants that Norman Noble offers. Among the capabilities and technologies showcased are microprecision NiTinol vascular stents and the Noble UltraLight athermal laser machining process, which was developed as a solution for machining implants made from Bioabsorbable Polymers and other exotic materials like NiTinol.


David Schnur Associates at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: David Schnur Associates
Barry Schnur, Vice President, discusses the specialized materials, assemblies and components for the medical device industry that DSA offers. DSA has supplied engineered material solutions to the West's medical device, electronics, aerospace, graphic arts, high technology and industrial companies for over 20 years.


Qosina at MD&M West 2011
Brought to you by: Qosina
Stuart Herskovitz, President and Founder of Qosina, discusses his company's wide range of stock components. He also discusses Qosina's Kanban replenishment service, creative and custom solutions, free samples, and their 644-page catalog featuring full-scale products.


James C. Capretta, Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center at MD&M Minneapolis
Richard Nass, UBM Canon, Director of Content, Medical Device Group, interviews James C. Capretta, Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center.