Medical Device Podcasts

Welcome to MD+DI's Medical Device Podcast page. Here you'll find a series of podcasts, which range from interviews with executives, to on-the-spot reporting at medical-device events, news analysis covering the device industry. In some cases, the interviews will be conducted by Scott Nelson, a self-described medtech enthusiast, who has worked for some of the largest medical device companies in the world. Scott founded with one simple goal: Help other ambitious doers and thinkers learn from a mix of dynamic and experienced medical device and medtech experts.


Designing the World's First Bionic Eye

Interview with Dr. Robert Greenberg, CEO Second Sight

MD+DI speaks with Robert Greenberg, CEO and founder of Second Sight, creators of the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System. The Argus II has recently received FDA approval and will be available later in 2013. Greenberg talks about the over 20 years of development that lead to the creation of the world's first bionic eye, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and how creating the implant was like submerging a TV into the ocean and having it still work. 




Top Challenges for Devices in 2013

Interview with Mary Logan and Ken Maddock

AAMI recently released its survey of the top device-related challenges for hospitals in 2013, as reported in a study conducted by the AAMI. Mary Logan and Ken Maddock answer questions about cybersecurity, managing devices and systems on the IT Network, alarm management, maintenance of infusion pumps, and more



Examining the Sunshine Act with David Hoffmeister
Interview with David Hoffmeister

Will the Sunshine Act force medical device companies to lay off even more employees? Perhaps at a rate of 2-4 per year?Let’s do some simple math: It’s estimated that compliance with the Sunshine Act will cost medical device companies about $200,000 annually. If the average annual salary of an employee within a medical device company is $65,000, that’s roughly three employees. Ouch.



Medical Device Marketers Need to Act With Precision
Interview with Bob Harrell
It’s somewhat hard to believe. But in 2010, the pharmaceutical industry eliminated 43,334 jobs. Stop and think about that. Over 40,000 people received the infamous pink slip! Okay, so you might be thinking, “But that’s pharma; I’m in medical devices. I’m safe.” Think again, my friend. Regulatory timelines are long. PMAs and 510ks are incredibly expensive. Venture capitalists are white-knuckling their cash. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the 2.3% medical device tax and the Sunshine Act. With that in mind, it’s paramount that medical device marketers and sales people begin to stretch. As in…stretch your mindset. Think outside the box. Employ aggressive, non-traditional avenues. Are you with me? Okay then…?


How to Get Your Physician Customers to Actually Remember You
Interview with Doug Seifert
How do you add value to your physician customers? How do you get doctors to“learn forward” in a conversation? Stop right now and take 10 seconds to think about those questions. If your answer is to offer lower pricing, you need to think again. Let’s face the facts. Medical device sales and marketing is incredibly competitive. We’re operating in an age where it’s a dog fight just to get a few minutes of time with a physician. If you’re savvy enough to get those precious few minutes, what are you doing with them?



Why the Healthcare System is Broken... And How to Fix It
Interview with Jonathan Govette
Referral communication within the healthcare setting is often one-way, damn near impossible to track, and sometimes does not include the required patient information. Jonathan Govette explores why the healthcare system is broken and what can be done to fix it.



Medtech Business through the Eyes of a Venture Capitalist
Interview with Lisa Suennen
Why in the hell are VC firms still interested in funding medtech companies when only 50% of all reported exits are less than $100 million and the average cost of obtaining a PMA is approximately $94 million? More importantly, what does it take for medical devices companies to get a “yes” for those VCs still interested in forking out some cash?




Marketing Medical Devices in China
Interview with Landon Lack
China is one of the largest and fastest growing medical device markets in the world. Given the sheer size of the market, the fragmented nature of distribution, and the cultural differences from one province to the next, it is important to consider a number of implications unique to the China market. Landon Lack explores the requirements, stipulations, and best practices for marketing and selling devices in China. 



How to Tap Key Opinion Leaders to Effectively Market Devices
Interview with Jim Zuffoletti and Otavio Freire
In today’s world of commoditized medical devices, differentiating your products is extremely challenging. In fact, the only difference between your company and the next might be how effectively you collaborate with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and other medical device stakeholders. Building a KOL program is a challenge in a heightnened regulatory and compliance environment. Learn the best methods to create a program that isn't a "many-headed hydra." 


Will the Medical Device Tax Force You to the Unemployment Line?
Interview with Stephen Ferguson
Steve Ferguson, the Chairman of the Board of the Cook Group, Inc. has taken a strong vocal stance in the effort to repeal the 2.3% medical device tax. He discusses the real and present danger of job layoffs from the top medical device firms in the country as a direct result of the tax. Ferguson also answers why more companies haven't fought hard enough to repeal the tax. 



The Sunshine Act's Sphere of Influence
Interview with Amy Dow
It is well known that medical device companies rely heavily on input from physicians to help identify and develop new ideas for innovative medical devices. But how will the impending Sunshine Act affect the relationships between manufacturers and physicians? Are there any loopholes? As a medical device professional, what should you know about the Sunshine Act?



The Most Common Resume Mistakes in Medical Device Jobs
Interview with Sue Sarkesian
There are plenty of ways to misstep in looking for a medtech job. But your resume doesn't have to be one of them. Cofounder of The Resme Group, Sue Sarkesian, provides key insights on what you are putting (or not putting) in your resume. She also explains the single most important thing to include in a resume. This podcast includes a discussion of how to frame a resume to create complelling stories. It also reviews how to find key matching phrases to meet a hiring comapny's challenges.



Behind the Curtain of an Incredibly Successful Medical Device Entrepreneur
Interview with Rudy Mazzocchi
One of the best ways ambitious achievers can find an edge within their industry is to listen and learn from the experiences of others who have succeeded in their field. And there is certainly no disputing the incredible success of medical device entrepreneur and investor Rudy Mazzocchi, who is currently the CEO of Elenza.



Reducing the Costs of Medical Device Clinical Trials. Is This an Overlooked Aspect of Healthcare Reform?
Interview with Molly Blake-Michaels
In a world where healthcare budgets are being constantly squeezed, it is paramount to ensure that one of the most fundamental steps in medical device development—the clinical trial—is planned as effectively and efficiently as possible. We enlisted the help of Molly Blake-Michaels, Senior Director of Clinical Services for ClearTrial, to enlighten us on the challenges unique to designing medical device clinical trials. In this interview, Molly shares her expertise regarding the planning, forecasting, and tracking of medical device clinical trials and the concepts that can be employed to help overcome them.



Should Medical Device Companies Pursue Regulatory Approvals in Europe Before the US?
Marc Sanchez, Founder of Contract In-House Counsel
It's a constant debate. Pursue a medical device regulatory approval in the US? Or does it make more sense to seek a European approval first? Is there a definitive answer? According to Marc Sanchez, Founder of Contract In-House Counsel, medical device companies would be wise to take a step back and consider the business ramifications first. In this interview with Marc, we learn more about this hotly debated issue as well as a host of other interesting medical device regulatory trends.



Can Friction be Removed in the Physician-Patient Interaction? And How Can Medical Device and Medtech Companies Get Involved?
Interview with Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO of HealthTap
What do you typically do when you want to know something? You Google it, right. Pretty normal. But what if you have a health question? Google isn't very good for delivering succinct and accurate health information. With that said, what if you could ask a "real" doctor a question anytime, anywhere? 24/7 access to an actual physician. No more waiting rooms!
In this interview with Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO, we learn how HealthTap is revolutionizing the physician-patient interaction. And perhaps more intriguing, Ron shows us how medtech and medical device companies can take advantage of this unique platform to engage with their customers and patients in a profound way.



Emerging Trends in Medical Device Sales
Interview with Dr. Richard Ruff
Why are hospitals hiring medical device sales reps? Better yet, why are medical device sales reps pursuing new careers with hospitals and what are the future implications of this interesting trend? In this interview with Dr. Richard Ruff, co-founder of Sales Horizons, learn more about current medical device sales trends and what it takes to become a dominate medical device player in today's economic environment.