Online Resources for Exports

EAR99 Devices
Numerous devices have already been classified as EAR99, and they are listed on BIS’s Web site.

Commerce Control List (CCL)
The CCL is a list of goods, software, and technology that require licenses for export to certain countries and end-users or for certain end uses.

OFAC Guidelines for TSRA Applications
This document is intended to serve as guidance to people applying for licenses to authorize exports of medical devices to Iran.

Quarterly TSRA Reports to Congress
This database shows the number of applications each quarter (by country and product type) and average application wait times.

Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List
This is a list maintained by OFAC of persons and entities with whom U.S. persons may not transact any business.

Automatic Authorization of Replacement Parts
OFAC has recently issued guidance on when the export of replacement parts for medical devices is automatically authorized.