Industry Links

Medical Device Links Over the years we've compiled hundreds of links of interest for medical device professionals. Let us know if we've left anything off these lists, or if you have any other suggestions.

These sites include sources for biomedical engineering and the plastics industry, a manufacturing society, and more.

Industry Organizations

A whole slew of professional organizations, and a few more...


Sites from Australia/Pacific Rim, Canada, the E.U., and others.

ISO I3485 Certification
A sampling of registrars accredited to assess a company’s quality management systems and to issue a certificate confirming that the organization’s quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 13485.

Legal and Regulatory

Mostly U.S. government resources, with a few nongovernmental sites as well.

Market Research

Nearly a dozen companies that offer detailed research and analysis of the medical device and healthcare industries...naturally, most charge a fee.


Organizational and educational information, including areas for discussions, can be accessed at these sites.

Venture Capital

A large listing of companies that specialize in developing and funding start-up to late-stage medical device companies.