Wayne J. Rogers

Wayne Rogers has been a self-employed independent consultant in the healthcare industry for more than 11 years, specializing in sterilization of healthcare products; material safety (biological) environmental control; sanitation, decontamination; environmental affairs; and microbiology. He has more than 33 years of experience working in government, business, and corporate environments. He has published articles in various industry journals and, in 2001, coauthored a report titled Polymers in Medical Applications, which is currently being revised. He also wrote a book, Sterilization of Polymer Healthcare Products (2005). His article, "Steam: Uses and Challenges for Device Sterilization," was published in MD&DI in March 2006. He has worked on a committee for AAMI TIR 17, Material Qualification, 2008, and he provided technical assistance for the chapter, "Industrial Sterilization: A Review of Current Principals and Practices," in the textbook Pharmaceutical Dosages Forms; Parenteral Medications, Vol. 2 (Avis and Lieberman). Other articles include: "Steam Sterilization of Liquid Products" in PMA Publication and "How The Environmental Movement is Greening the Medical Device Industry," published in MD&DI in 1992. Mr. Rogers has served on the Editorial Advisory Board of the MD&DI since 1988. He has been a member of various industry association committees (HIMA [now AdvaMed], American Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), A^2C^2, SIM, and ASM). He has been a member of committee working on a Technical Information Report (TIR) 17, "Material Qualification" for AAMI. During his tenure with a subsidy of Eli Lilly Corp., he was an awarded the Winner's Circle Award and was known as the Corporate Idea Man. He also represented Eli Lilly in Sacramento on an Environmental Quality Steering Committee that reviewed Environmental legislation in California. He has a BA in biology from Park University and a BS plus some graduate work in microbiology from California State University at Long Beach. He volunteered for a Peace Corps training program at UCLA and worked in research at UCLA's Infectious Disease Center in antibiotics. He attended Saddleback Junior College's Small Business Entrepreneur program and studied medical sociology at Drake University. He has attended San Jacinto College to update his microbiology training. Mr. Rogers completed the basic medical laboratory technician training at Army Medical Field Service School (MFSS) at Fort Sam Houston; was assigned to an Evacuation Field Army Hospital unit; received an honorable discharge, and has a Certificate of Recognition from the Secretary of Defense. With an ongoing interest in history, he is on the board of directors of the American Heritage Library and Museum in Glendale, CA. Mr. Rogers has been married for more than 37 years and has two children and three grandchildren.