Walter W. Mosher Jr., PhD

Walter Mosher is cofounder and director of Precision Dynamics Corp., (PDC; San Fernando, CA). Dr. Mosher received a BS in engineering in 1956, an MS in 1962, and a PhD in 1971 - all from UCLA. Dr. Mosher was a 22-year-old engineering student at UCLA when he launched PDC with three investors in 1956. The company developed what was then a revolutionary innovation - a single-piece patient wristband: no parts and no tools necessary. By the 1970s, PDC needed cash to grow, so the founding shareholders sold the business to a division of W. R. Grace & Co. By July 1981, Dr. Mosher and his childhood friend, Robert Kraemer (current PDC board director and secretary), bought PDC back from W. R. Grace in a leveraged buyout and soon moved to a 57,000-sq-ft facility in San Fernando. Dr. Mosher holds multiple patents in wristband technology. He has been a member of MD&DI's Editorial Advisory Board since 1988.