Bill Evans

Bill Evans is principal and founder (1992) of Bridge Design, a medical product development consulting firm in San Francisco. Bridge works on a wide variety of medical devices as well as consumer pharmaceutical, surgical, and diagnostic products. An active design researcher, Mr. Evans's involvement in projects focuses on the early stages of innovation and design strategy, and he travels extensively to interact or observe healthcare professionals and patients. His client experience is about half venture capital-backed medical device companies and half Fortune 1000 companies. He writes extensively on design and design management and is a frequent speaker at medical device conferences. He has served on MD&DI's Editorial Advisory Board since 2003. He currently teaches a one-day workshop course on improving the innovation and brainstorming process. Raised in London as the son of a chemist and biologist that could quote Shakespeare as easily as Bessemer and Darwin, Mr. Evans is a true interdisciplinarian. Apart from his two masters degrees-one in design engineering (DIC Imperial College, London) and one in industrial design, (MDes Royal College of Art, London), his undergraduate studies included mechanical and electrical engineering, basic sciences, and social sciences. He has 25 years of product development experience, including four years as vice president at Lunar Design and five years as vice president of design at a small British domestic appliance maker. He is an aficionado of latin/jazz percussion, upright bass, and guitar, and he enjoys skiing and mountain biking with his two sons. When he was a young recent graduate, he worked for a year teaching mentally handicapped young adults how to farm, pacing himself about one week ahead of his students in terms of learning the skills. As a result of this brief farming experience, he is probably the only medical designer in Silicon Valley who can hand-milk a goat.