New technologies, regulations, and corporate megamergers have made summer 2014 a busy one for medtech. The programming at MD&M Chicago is geared toward keeping you on top of the latest industry trends. 

Keynote Speakers

In the wake of their recently announced merger, MD&M Chicago will be featuring keynote presentations from representatives from both Medtronic and Covidien. On Thursday, October 16, Dr. Todd Zielinski, senior principal scientist at Medtronic, will share case studies on deep...

September 10th, 2014

Proactive medical device companies are taking a more strategic approach to the management of data by implementing fully integrated, end-to-end label life cycle management systems that capture, store, and disseminate data safely, quickly, and accurately.

By Warren Ward-Stacey

Across the global medical device sector, the way many companies approach the design, creation, and printing of labels is both variable and fragmented.

It’s typically an onerous—and often primitive—process that’s not only inefficient and costly, but also resource-intensive, a hostage to product updates and country-specific regulatory requirements, and prone to human error. Worse still, label data rarely integrates with other organizational business systems...

September 10th, 2014

China is one of the world's fastest-growing medical device markets, so it's no surprise that companies are racing to capture a share. But if you were expecting to simply bring products designed for Western markets to China, you better think again.

China's medical device market has its own unique dynamics, and users there have needs that differ from those of users in other parts of the world. Smart companies understand that and have learned to adapt their products for this emerging market. 

Worrell, a product design, development, and strategy firm that collaborates with medical device companies and entrepreneurs, collected a few tips for designing medical devices for the Chinese market from industry leaders who have already established a foothold in the country: 

September 9th, 2014