This Week in Medical Devices [6/29/12]: Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare and Breakthroughs Aplenty in Cancer Treatment, Transplant Surgery, and Cardiology.

 This Week in Medical Devices [6/29/12]

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

  • The Supreme Court laid down its decision on the Affordable Care Act and particularly the constitutionality of the individual mandate requiring all U.S. Citizens to purchase health coverage. The act passed the Supreme Court, but the medical device tax remains a huge concern for those in the medical device industry.
    Source: MD+DI

A Software Engineer Creates a Breakthrough Medical Device for Cancer Treatment

  • The inspiring story of Robert Goldman, a software engineer by trade, whose mission to save his sister resulted in the development of a new type of catheter that could greatly improve chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients.
    Source: ZDNet

World's First Successful Synthetic Larynx Component Transplant

  • A team of Russian surgeons recently completed the first ever surgery to replace pieces of a patient's larynx with synthetic implants. The procedure marks the first successful steps toward transplanting an entire larynx.
    Source: Popular Science

Doctors Able to Inject Oxygen Directly into the Bloodstream

  • Cardiologists at the Children's Hospital Boston in Massachusetts have developed a groundbreaking procedure that allows them to directly oxygenate a patient's blood by injecting them with oxygen-filled microparticles.
    Source: io9