This Week in Devices [5/18/2012] - How Can the Medical Industry be more Like Facebook?


How can the Medical Industry be More Like Facebook?

  • In the wake of Facebook's IPO, Forbes' Matthew Herper wonders if the medical industry can inspire the same level of innovation and investment as the social network.

Patient's Voices are Changing Medical Devices


Medical Devices Pose a National Security Threat

  • The US Department Of Homeland Security has issued a report stating that medical devices that connect to IT networks could pose a security threat.

Medical Devices as Art

  • Artist Revital Cohen's newest project The Immortal is built entirely around reconfigured medical devices.

FCC Allocates Wireless Spectrum for Medical Devices

  • The FCC has announced it will set aside a chunk of the wireless spectrum for medical devices – making the U.S. The first country to do so.