This Week in Devices [5/11/2012] - Sony Gets Into Medical Devices, Bionic Women Finishes Marathon, Surgery with Boomerangs, FDA Cuts a Deal to Fast-Track Devices


Sony Gets Into Medical Devices

  • Electronics giant Sony wants to take their products out of the living room and into the hospital. The company is investing in creating patient friendly medical devices and diagnostic kits that will be used in point-of-care settings. NO word yet if any of their planned devices will be compatible with a PS3.
    Source: Dark Daily

A Bionic Women Finishes Marathon

  • A paralyzed UK woman completed the London Marathon this week with the aid of a robotic exoskeleton.
    Source: Orthotec 

Surgery with Boomerangs?

  • French scientists have developed “boomerang” light beams capable of bending around corners. With further development it is hoped that these beams could allow surgeons to make incisions behind structures inside the body.
    Source: New Scientist

FDA Cuts a Deal to Fast-Track Medical Devices

  • FDA is moving to implement legislation that will provide a fast-moving track to approval for follow-on medical devices Source: The Fiscal Times