This Week in Devices [ 2/8/2013]: An Oakland College Helps Unemployed Find Medical Device Careers

An Oakland, CA college is finding success with a medical device manufacturing training program. India's medical device market is growing thanks to low-cost, domestic innovation. Senators' will likely fail to repeal the device tax. FDA is hosting a webinar on UDI.


India is Creating Its Own Affordable, Cutting Edge Medical Devices

In response to the expense and lack of affordability of imported medical devices, many Indian companies are creating their own, cheaper alternatives to many medical devices manufactured by global giants. India's medical device market is expected to grow to $6 billion by yearend. [Economic Times]

Medical Device Manufacturing Saves Jobs in Oakland, CA

With it's unemployment rate hovering at 13%, the city of Oakland, CA is finding relief with the help of local Laney College. The college is seeing successful job placement (nearly 70%) thanks to a medical device manufacturing program being offered to both students and the community. With the Bay Area being such a large hub for medical device manufacturing the hands-on program is designed to train and assist people for finding work in the device industry. [Oakland Local]


Senators' Efforts to Repeal Device Tax Will Likely Fail

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced legislation on Thursday to repeal a tax on medical devices, but with the Affordable Care Act already ruled constitutional, and the projected cost of a repeal, the measure is likely to fail in Congress [Reuters]

FDA Hosting Webinar on UDI

On Feb. 26, FDA will be hosting a webinar, “Improved Access to Device Information: What a UDI System can do for Patients and Consumers.” The webinar will discuss the value of unique device indentification (UDI) implementation for patients and consumers and opportunities for patients and consumers to become involved in the UDI implementation effort. [FDA]