This Week In Devices [ 2/15/2013]: MD&M West 2013

With the MD&M West show including – catch up on some of the coverage from the exciting events, conferences, and seminars.

Bioresorbable technology has been around for 40 years, but the future of the industry is going further than sutures.

The End of Manufacturing

A key theme at this year’s MD&M West show has been the idea that manufacturing—at least as we know it—is going away.

Have You Checked the Green Box?

In a show-floor meeting at MD&M West, the folks at Mack Molding told me about some of the steps they’ve taken to become a more sustainable supplier to the medical device industry.

When it Comes to Medtech Disruption, Remember Who's at the Receiving End

When IDEO worked with Medronic to design the N'Vision, a handheld clinician programmer, they asked nurses what qualities the device should have to make it most useful to them. However, what they found was really most important was an intangible that the nurses themselves didn't think to mention.

Quality Engineers and R&D – A Match Made for Innovation

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for medtech companies to think about relationships – between quality engineers and research and development.