This Week in Devices [1/4/2013]: WIll 2013 be the Year of Digital Health?

This Week in Devices [1/4/2013]

Smartphones could be a danger to medical devices. Is 2013 going to be the year of the digital health boom? A roundtable discussion of a big long-term risk for medical device investors.

Will 2013 Be the Year of Digital Health?
The signs are in the air. But will 2013 be the year that patients embrace the quanitied self and the new digital health movement? [Forbes]
Smartphones vs. Medical Devices
Barnaby Jack wants to make you aware of the dangers of smartphones – particularly how they can be used to attack implanted medical devices. How real is the threat? Real enough to inspire an episode of Homeland [Vanity Fair]
Robotics a Long-term Risk for the Medical Device Industry
Analysts at The Motley Fool conduct a roundtable discussion of medical robotics companies and how medical robotic technology represents a long-term risk for investors. Is it a good investment or just a fancy way of attracting patients to hospitals? [The Motley Fool]