Top 10 Device Challenges for Hospitals in 2013 Podcast


Title: Top Device-related Challenges for Hospitals in 2013

Join Heather Thompson, Mary Logan, and Ken Maddock in a frank and illuminating discussion of the key device-related problems that hospitals are facing today. What can device makers do to alleviate the new burdens hospitals face, such as cybersecurity, alarm management, and the bandwidth issues created by BYOD (bring your own device). 


  • Heather Thompson, Editor in Chief, MD&DI



Duration: 37 minutes

Topics: Heather, Mary, and Ken discuss the top device-related challenges for hospitals in 2013, as reported in a study conducted by the AAMI.

Top concerns include:

  • Managing Devices and Systems on the IT Network – complexities in device networking
  • Alarm Management – is FDA to blame?
  • Maintenance of Infusion Pumps – better maintenance contracts versus planned obsolescence route
  • Cybersecurity – something the industry knows it needs to do but doesn't want to talk about
  • Preventive Maintenance Strategies – manufacturers and service community need to understand how they can help each other
  • Medical Device Incidence Reporting and Investigation – not just a data issue
  • Medical Devices brought in by Patients – concerns about introducing a device from an uncontrolled environment into a controlled environment

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