Survey Reveals Job Changes for 2010

According to recruitment firm, Legacy MedSearch, up to 55% of professionals in the medical device industry could be looking for a new job in 2010. The firm conducted its survey via the paid polling service of business networking site LinkedIn between Jan. 4 and Jan. 7 and polled 2,150 employed or unemployed medical device industry professionals. According to the results, 28% of all respondents indicated that a job change was a "strong possibility," with an additional 28% saying they were either "unemployed" or "actively looking" for a new job. Vice presidents and corporate level executives were most likely to report a potential job change in 2010. A strinking 41% of professionals at this level reported a "strong possibility." The survey also compared satisfaction rates to individuals working at large companies to those working at medium and small-sized companies.  Twenty-one percent of professionals employed at small companies said they are “excited about 2010,” compared to 10% of those at enterprise organizations, 8% at large companies and 5% at medium-sized companies.
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